How I started on Poshmark!

I started on poshmark almost 2 years ago, and still reselling full time! This was not my goal for poshmark at the time, I really just wanted to sell crap i had laying around taking up space. After 2 months of doing this, selling on poshmark, i found that it actually could become a stable income for me. I could sell/resell online and stay home with my daughter. Now i am full time reseller on poshmark and many other platforms and love it.

I have come to really enjoy the community surrounding resellers, and poshers. Some have become good friends, and some those i would call family. Selling on poshmark isn’t just an income to me anymore, its a way of communicating with the world, and surrounding myself with good people. Now that being said, I’ve come across my fair of share of the crazies in the posh community. You get the poshers who think they are the “posh police“, or the poshers who act as if they know more about posh then the CEO! Regardless of the crazies in the posh community, its a great way to meet people who most likely have the same interests and or hobbies.

When i really started getting into reselling i truly had no idea how to get product to sell. I felt like i would never find those wonderful thrift finds most brag about. Before i knew it tho, i had brands that were selling fast. I had items i could actually make profit on. It was so exciting, the thrill of finding certain brands is such a rush, and i wonder if that is one reason many of us resellers do this. Its not easy doing this, its not easy constantly searching for deals or finding the IT brands. I work from the moment i wake up to almost when its bed time ( I do eat I promise) By no means should you get into reselling because you think its easy. Most resellers work their ass off and you don’t see that side, all you see is what they sold and the profit.

It’s very easy to start on poshmark, you do not need any real selling background. Take a look in your closet, who knows a dress you haven’t worn in 5 years may make someone else happy. Give it a try, nothing to lose!

This is my real first post! I would love to get feedback. Comment below!

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